Friday, February 4, 2011

Fantastic Job: Cyberabad Police

Since my childhood, I have heard a lot about police involvement in crime and their lackadaisical approach in registering and resolving the case. But here I witnessed a prompt and professional action by cyberabad police.

wife and mother of an project manager from IBM was brutally killed in their own flat. This happened on Monday afternoon, when Mr. Anand was working in office and the daughter was in school. And worst a 3 month old baby was in the house itself.
Apartment was occupied by one third, and there were very few families on each floor. The culprit dared to enter the house killed both of them and walked out with cash aprox 30000 cash. All the ornaments on the dead body remains as it is. Neighbors alarmed only when the 6yr old daughter came home from school and saw their mother and grandmother lying in the kitchen floor.

Police came they tried to find clue but there were few, all the security personal, house maid’s and other workers were questioned for two days in police station. One guy who used to put mosquito nets in the house including Mr Anand’s house was found missing, upon contacting he was not picking up the phone and picked up once late in the night and said he will be reporting to police next day, but instead of reporting he fled.
Police used the mobile tracker and other information about the suspect and send two teams, one to UP his native, and another to Mumbai where his mobile was tracked to. Police incharge Mr. Bheema Reddy gave assurance to us that they will crack the case withing 24Hrs.
And as he said on the 4th day mid night 3AM, which is about 18 Hrs from the statement police team in Maharashtra caught him.

Police has done their bit and remarkably fast. Now it’s time for judiciary to act upon, we have seen high profile cases like Jessica and Arushi taking years unresolved. Let’s hope for right justice in time.

Will update you all about the judgment through my post.

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