Thursday, February 10, 2011

How will you justify this...

It’s happened with me not once, not twice but many a times at least 10-12 times in my recent memories and it happened again today.
I was busy in the office with my team members resolving an important issue, we were on call from US discussion how to resolve an database issue. The call on my phone was going on for hours and we were checking the possibilities. In the mean time I felt like calling an acquaintance, which was not necessary that time and this idea came out of blue, usually when I am into something, I don’t usually get deviated.
Since my phone was not me and being used for the onsite discussion, I resorted to an old email which had his number. I used my office phone to call them and checked how are they doing.
Once the onsite call got completed I saw two missed call on my phone, from the same friend of mine, I thought he might have called again to tell me something but when I checked the timing he called me before I called him@ 7:05 PM and I called him @ 7:10PM.
I call it………6th Sense..what will you………

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