Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sensex, Valentine & You

Stock market is just not letting bear go away. almost since last one 10-15 days market has cling on to bear and not allowing anyone to get bear for their dear one. Last year you could afford a nice furry pink color bear for your valentine, but this year the lost love of market has come and hit all of us from the back. Two days to go for valentine day, we are praying to the bull to return to his love and roam in dalal street happily with BSE and add some basis points. 

It was observed that bull was serving valentine market, and enjoying guarding all the bears inside glass cages, well lit and decorated, This market is happy to release all the bears, red, pink and yellow, to whoever dare to cross the bull-guard. Bull for all, now know that his term with this valentine market will get over this Monday so moved towards the dalal street and from Friday noon the bear has moved 265 steps. Valentine market after knowing that bull will move out of her market soon, resorted to a scam release 2 come 65 steps near to teddy bears, a flat 32.5% scam. The other part of the scam is overnight they move all the Glass cages of colorful bears up by 32.5% and disillusioned You.

You, who was eagerly waiting for this day when you will bring colorful bear to your valentine so that she will forget all your bull (shit) and start loving you, still doing a circus with bull and bears of two market. 

1. Florists and gift shop inflate the prices by 30-40% during valentine season and no discount.
2. In 2009, 90% of all the online orders with Ferns and Petals, happened for valentine day.and 10% for remaining 364 days. 

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