Friday, November 18, 2011

Auto & Mobile

We all witnessed the start of Farrata race F1, where machines zoomed 60 laps of 5.125 KM totaling to 307.249 KM in Budh International Circuit, Nodia. Sebastian Vettle of Red Bull finished first with lap record 1 Hr 27.249 Min. I am not a fan of F1 to watch the few cars racing for so long at the same track. But I am happy and I was sure that this even bound to happen.

Definitely Racing and Motor sports going be new big games in India. Businessmen and investor much watch this arena.

I am not an expert to guess this instead its very easy. Try to list down industries in which India is becoming self sufficient and where not. Its not Software or IT, its not Healthcare or BioTechnology, Its not media and publication. Its automobile, both 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler. Our Indigenous TATA launched Nano, Maruti separated from Suzuki, TVS building bike from loona alone, Bajaj changed the rule of the game with its Pulsur brand. Hero is total India Dhak Dhak.

Software is India’s one of the biggest export, but we still done have any programming language developed by Indian company. We have very few indigenous software applications. We are dependent on oracles and SAP’s CATIA, IBM, Linux, Microsoft and so on. The new trend of Internet based business is nothing new but indianised version of successful business model or ebay, amazon, groupon et all.

Ancient India was full of knowledge of Ayudveda and Yoga, but healthcare are still ruled by west. In the name of Bio technology, we are only a hub of back offices and clinical research centers.

With so many young authors flooding landmarks and flipcarts with Rupa’s, Penguin’s and Frog could only churn out college days romance of different form. All reality shows are franchise of some show abroad. So many years but no creativity and no originality. Hardly any Bollywood Films not inspired by any Hollywood movies.

The point I was making is that the Automobile industry is progressing differently. Mahindra, Tata, Maruti & Force Motors are taking head on with Ford, Toyota and Nissan and Hyunda. I don’t want to list Royal Endfield here as it should not be compared. But certainly TVS, Bajaj and Hero growing towards big brothers, Kawasaki and Yamaha ..TBC

One joke per post: Three companies participated in manufacturing challenge. English company made a needle as thin as hair. German Company made a hole in the thin needle. When Indian company turn came, they printed “made in India” on the needle.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

3 I’s for Success: Invention, Innovation and Insurance

Locks are considered as oldest invention in the history, much before we invented fire, wheel and other stuffs, we invented ways to secure the food. The form must have changed today but the concept remained the same.

Innovation came into picture to improvise to the extent of protect data using retina. This is because as the race was innovating to secure, another lot was busy ideating to decode. Term it lock picking or hacking. This was not enough to keep mind at rest, human needed assurance.

Origin of insurance is way back in history dated much Before Christ, The Babylonians developed a system which was recorded in the famous Code of Hammurabi, c. 1750 BC, and practiced by early Mediterranean sailing merchants. If a merchant received a loan to fund his shipment, he would pay the lender an additional sum in exchange for the lender's guarantee to cancel the loan should the shipment be stolen.

When I wrote about the invention of Locks, it was time when the human race was not enough human and the business was limited to hunting. Later invention was to find new place in form of new sources and new markets from where the goods can be purchased cheap and good can be sold expensive.

With entire planet been marred by race, humans are now innovating the places like moon and mars and ideating new ways to make life more comfortable and affordable. Irrespective of the irony that the race die out of hard work and stress to make life comfortable and affordable.

Race is inventing, innovative ways to insure, from spending small time from your day for Exercising or paying small amount from your income to a firm whose name, incidentally contains 3 I’s. If you are being lazy for workout, inventions like sauna belts are innovated to help.

In today’s world with abundance of variety, it’s a must to find what invention, innovation and Insurance are needed for your success.

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One Joke per post: A begger found a hundre rupee note. He went to a five star hotel and had full course meal. Bill 3000 Rs. Manager handed him over to police. He gave 100 Rs note to police and got free.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Atithi Devo Bhavo

Atithi Devo Bhavo commercials by aamir khan were reminded by Mr. Nagyya this afternoon.

A friend of mine had come to Hyderabad for a day for an interview. We went to a nearby shop for taking printouts of his resume. In the hurry to be on time he forgot to collect his USB drive from the cyber café. When, Mr. Nagyya, the owner of the cyber café  found that we left the pen drive in his shop. He took out the mobile number from the resume of my friend and SMSed him that he left his belonging in the shop and request him to kindly collect.
When I went to collect on behalf of my friend, he asked me my identity and handed over the small little pen drive with satisfaction.

I wish, our politicians also have heart like him, who instead of stashing the citizen’s money into foreign banks brought it back to country and distributed back to the society.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal sketching is something which I had never tried before and was very excited to experience. I had been unlucky to miss most of the classes because of hectic work schedule but made sure that i attend atleast one session. First week I was proud of myself being able to manage both work and hobby by attending all 5 session entire week and no blogging. Then got into the vicious cycle of one task leading to another and thinking that will finish last piece before leaving for hobby classes. Which I could never able to do in the week two except the last 20 mins on day 8th, first day of charcoal session.

8 drawings were put up in the room, we were suppose to choose one and draw all by ourself. Charcoal are of two types, powder and sticks, and what we were given was like pieces of burnt sticks. I somehow managed to get some space in the room which was already occupied and then looked at the drawing placed in that corner of the hall. i had 20 odd minutes before the weekly status meeting would begin. i kept staring at the drawing and picked one stick of charcoal and start drawing without much thinking of the outcome.

I was myself amazed when i finished this artwork and left for the meeting.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sketching Workshop: 1st week

For last 6 weeks, I been assigned to a project, which is in big mess and days are very hectic, worst is the work is very monotonous and don't feel like achieving anything. To break the monotony, I joined the sketching workshop, which is being conducted in office itself. The workshop is for 10 days for an hour a day but that one hour is very rejuvenating. I have been doing pencil sketching for a while but occasionally but never attended any classes.
The teacher actually doesnt do anything she shows some slides and ask us to practice or draw from the projector screen.
Day 1: i was amazed at the numbers, about 150 odd people was in the room, and was wondering how the days will go. on the first day we had been given the kit, 1 pencil set consist of HB to 8B, black charcoal, eraser, sharpner and drawing board. The type of paper is provided based on what is to be practiced.
We have been asked to draw lines only , 3inches long, straight, horizontal, vertical, criss cross, wavy, then asked us to draw basic shapes , triangle, rectangle, circle to make the hands free. i could well see the embarrasment on every one face, few felt insulting and stopped drawing. Then we all returned with a home work to practice drawing spiral.
here is what we drawn on day 1

Day 2 : second day we all went with a hope of really learnign something great, after all we have paid 1250 rs each. but second day was no different, she again told us about type of pencils and shading for 2 mins and asked us to draw the basics shapes agian, the only differece we were supposed to shade them as below

 Day3: alas we were drawing something on day3 and also learn somethign scientific vanishing poitn concept one point, two point and also three point. and drawn something which can be visualised.

Day4: we started drwaing trees, and stones feeling better.

Day 5: started with a bit of difficulty, we have been given few landscapes and asked us to choose and draw any one. people struggled to find the easiest but all were difficult. we could draw about 10% of it and the hour got over. we are suppose to finish it in coming two days, monday and tuesday.

I hope to complete the big one..and more excited to use charcoal afterwords....