Saturday, February 5, 2011

Better Safe than Sorry

The details came out of the case i reported in my previous blog.

Very young workers for aluminium frame for windows assumed that they will get big booty from the house, which they didn't.
I am afraid that when they come out from prison after completing the term, what will they become?

Security has been beefed up in the apartment, CCTV, recording, gate pass, security log, solar fencing and intercom...but if the crime will intended for such brutal plan and organised with 4-5 people, it can be only avoided with co-operations and precautions.

I would advise and recommend women's and elder people to take following precautions, which i gathered from various discussions after the incident.

1. Dont believe any worker blindly, despite since when you know them, mind that the culprit in above incident were working for almost one year.
2. Don't allow any outsider to work at home when alone, consider security guard or neighbour to accompany you.
3. Even for small time anyone is coming in house keep the main door open.
4. Advise security personnel to ask for small note to anyone who is carrying items from any house, if  residents are giving any item to maid or any outsiders they must send a note along.
5. Check from peep hole before opening door specially,when alone during afternoon.
6. Don't keep valuables left outside in open when outsiders are at home.
7. Don't discuss about valuables or show bullion or cash in your closet, in case carrying much even for short time.

when going out of home for long time, specially outstation. tell your neighbour and security personnel to visit the house and check for any deviations.

I used to feel all the above unnecessary, until i witnessed the incident in my apartment.

Its a sorry state that we cannot relax in our own home, but that is the reality let's face it.

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