Friday, February 11, 2011

Two States: one car vol: 2

In today’s job scenario, we often change locations, sometimes temporarily for short term deputations and sometime permanently when we change our base and company. Central Govt. employees goes on transfer from one state to another. This bring misery for changing house moving goods and transferring vehicle. We get surplus of info for looking out for accommodations and packers and movers over Internet and other sources. But when it comes to vehicle registration, NOC, entry into other state and road tax etc. there is no clarity and information also not clearly displayed on the state RTO portals.

This make more difficult as the rules and taxes are not the same in all states.

In my previous blog, I mentioned that i will collate the information and get back to you. Here is this post compilation of information from various sources, people & portals. Mostly the information is verified from the authentic sources but can change with course of time or exceptions can be found to these


Vehicle Registration: This is only an identity of vehicle, given by RTO in a state, to track and identify ownership in case of theft, damage and accident etc., the cost of registration is nominal vary from 100-2000 Rupees. One vehicle can have only one registration no at a time. In case one want to move out to another state and want to change the registration one has to surrender the first registration.

Road Tax/Life time tax: Road tax is given to state govt. for using the infrastructure of the state, earlier the road tax was given for 1,5,10 years, now the rule has changed and one has to pay the life time tax at the time of registration. In case the vehicle is moved out of state this can be refunded based on number of years of use. However you cannot hear this unless you have a relative in RTO.

NOC: No Objection certificate is given for the vehicle to take the vehicle out of state and consent is taken from 1. RTO for tracking and re-registration. 2. Police: to verify that the vehicle is not under theft, 3. Financier : if loan has been taken and if it is hypothecated to any institution than in that case consent of the institution is also required.

Octroi: This is special tax levied by Municipal corporation and not the state, it is tax on entry of goods for use/consumption within areas of the Local Bodies. Very few  cities like mumbai, Baroda, chennai etc are levying octroi.
  1. When Visiting other state only as tourist: you can show the toll bridge slip, petrol bunker receipt etc to prove that the vehicle entered recently. If the stay is prolonged than better take the challan for entering the state. There are naka’s at state entrance, but are not operating properly in most of the Indian states. Maximum on 30 days is the period when you can be considered in transit.
  2. When going to other state for some time and don’t want to Re-register the vehicle in new state: Pay the road tax for the period one intend to stay with old number. I am not sure of interval one can stay. But as per AP RTO site, its mention that in case one want to stay for more than an year the re-registration is must.
  3. When going to other state and want to Re-register the vehicle in new state:  you need to get the NOC from old state authorities and pay the life time tax to new state get the new registration in the new state. Surrender the RC of old state and get the balance of Road tax paid to previous state.
    Below is the link for a detailed case by case procedure from Karnataka Hope this helps…

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