Thursday, February 24, 2011

3 Femindiots

This post is about three females, who has done things they want despite being from very traditional Indian middle class families. I call them achievers and feel great to share classrooms with them. Since, I cannot rank their achievement so I am ranking them chronologically in the post.
  1. Sonali : She was the first lady marine engineer of India. Her father was in pharmacy profession in Allahabad, Still sho chosen to take up IIT Joint entrance exam and finally joined Marine Engineering college. This college had never seen a girl cadet before. So all the arrangement had been done to accommodate her. The discipline was tough for a girl that too for four long years.
  2. She not only completed the education and training successfully but also joined the Merchant Navy career, after serving on high seas for 4-5 years she has taken a shore job at Jamnagar with reliance group.
  3. Capt. Poonam Joshi: She had served Indian army for 5 years for short service commissions, that not the point I was making. While at service she has joined the expedition team sailing on pacific ocean. In this expedition 4-5 member troop take head on to ride waves of ocean for 2-3 weeks and abode on the small boat all by themselves.
  4. Post her service in Indian army, she did her MBA from IIT KGP and now working as SAP consultant in USA.
  5. Saraswati : Few years ago in India it was very difficult for a girl to choose profession of her choice, even boys are not getting enough options to choose and get settled down. But Saraswati, first did Engineering from B’lore and worked for Infosys. This didn’t gave her a kick I suppose, so she pursued MBA from IIT KGP and landed job at MNC IBM. But this also appeared mundane, she quit IBM and started preparing for Civil services from Delhi.
She got selected for prestigious IPS (Indian Police Service). She hailed from lesser known village tumkur in karnataka, which has earned her nickname "Tumkur ki maharani" & also "Tumkur ka Terror". We never knew what she was destined to.
My expectation from this post is to inspire younger lot to chase their dream. There are times when we don’t choose right career options in our life, there is nothing wrong is correcting ourselves and changing path. Instead of cribbing about sacrifices lifelong, go ahead and follow your heart and do something you are good at. I am working on a post on tips to choose right career path will be back soon. Until then watch movies like "Patiala House" and "Social network"

PS: Femindiot is combination of Female+Indian+ Idiot, this is an extension of Indiot (Indian+Idiot)