Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two states: One car

A friend of mine, who has relocated to Hyderabad 2months ago from Pune and bring along his  car, brand new i20, which bears Maharashtra registration. Two days ago his vehicle was seized by a vigilance team and he had to pay, life time tax in Andhra Pradesh. The tax which is 12% for new car is an heavy penalty.

Since the  seizure was done by senior vigilance officer, nothing could be done by the RTO officials. Otherwise he could have paid one year road tax along with some penalty, he could have saved lot of money.

Now as he has already paid lifetime road tax to AP, he can claim refund from Maharashtra by registering the vehicle in AP and surrendering the RC of Pune. There are lots of technicalities and nuances of these rules which are not available in any of the RTI portals. One can get some info from less reliable sources over Internet but can not be guaranteed.

State Governments of AP and Maharashtra and likes are claiming to implement e-governance, but fail to provide even basic of information to the user. and we suffer from this inability of government. we can be taken for a ride under exclusive rules which are not made available to mass.

If you are in Hyderabad: Vigilance team appears to be very active in Hyderabad since a week, seem they are running sort of revenues and out for collections. Keep your papers ready and reviewed.

Try searching for any such rules you will realize yourself.

If you spend time to read this blog. do a favor to yourself send feedback to RTI portals if you dont get information.

I will compile the information and place them in next post.

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  1. i must say that this information is very useful for me. My aviator (did not call it a bike) is currently in darbhanga, but bears the registration of Hyderabad! I have to find a way to deal with it because I do not have the NOC from hyderabad RTO!