Monday, January 31, 2011

Entrepreneurship Traits

I took a test which will judge me on my entrepreneurship abilities in terms of aptitude, attitude and motivation. It was wonderful experience for me and to be frank it thrown results exactly I know myself. In case you are interested Click on here . it takes less than 15 minutes and results are good. It judges you on traits like stong urge to be rich, to create something, to become successful, action orientation, perfection seeker, abilities to handle ambiguity and difficult situations, perseverance, creativity a  etc etc.

This remind me an tweet by Robert Kiyosaki “ to be a successful entrepreneur one has to be a leader, a businessman and an SOB” . after the test it was confirmed that I need to hon my SOB skills. As I score low on attitude.

Beyond such tests, even one is having skill set matching to be a great entrepreneur, it need not be necessary he/she can , because starting new business comes with its own problems.

Its looks very shiny from outside that you can be your own boss and there is no rat race anymore, but the reality is you are entering a much faster rat race. While in salaried job as career one can choose to stay relaxed and still survive but in business if you lay for a while you are out of business.

you might be our own boss, but don’t forget that customer is the king.

You can be flexible in terms of working but that flexibility will extend to you loo also cos it is never ending.

After seeing above three statement one might wonder why anyone chose  startup as a career option?
With all the toiling, frustration and stress it gives at the end its rewarding, immense satisfaction of creating something out of nothing and giving employment to people.
Traits of an entrepreneur

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