Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When is the right time..

This question comes in everyones mind for numerous things..WHEN IS THE RIGHT TIME
....to start business
....to start investment
....to get married
....to have kids
....to look for dream job (translate change job for higher salary)
....to go to dream destination
etc etc.

the answers is now, the moment such thought comes to mind anytime from now is the right time for all these...infact the question should not be when but it should be what????

what should one chase in the momnet called now..to do that we need to understand the power of now, the most livable moment all saints and gurus talked about it. No amount of  quantitative and qualitative analysis about this WHAT calculations of the returns would help. analysis and calculations are not futile that helps but only when we add it with inner calling.

If one hear to inner calling he/she gets the most powerful WHAT for NOW.

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