Thursday, January 13, 2011

E-powering E-India

I was searching for the traslation for E-commerce in local indian language, Google turned to be of some help but, with E-vanizya. there is no translation fot the prefix E(lectronic).

Though the word  E-commerce is being used as it is in hindi or gujrati, but indians are pefusing indianess into it. Infibeam an E-com company recently got famous for first ebook reader Pi. also got into an MoU with gujarat govt in increase penetration of ecommece even to remote villages of Gujarat.

This reminds me of services started by ITC e-choupal (see "E" remains constant) more than 5yrs ago. They were mainly "E"mpowering the bulk trades kinda B to B.

Surprizingly this initiative of Epowering villagers in selling their products, come after so later than ITC.

This recent increase in ecommerce has increased the opportunities in logistics operators, New avatar of VPP has come in the name of COD (cash on delivery), is being added by E comm suppliers as new feature. Rental and purchase of books and so many small tickets items increasing the volume of trade is adding to opportunities of logistics partners to Ecomm.

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