Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Vehicle Design for product home delivery

In the last blog i wrote about the increasing opportunities of logistics companies in India due to increase in E-commerce volume. This volume has increased mainly due to small ticket and perishable items. People are buying Flowers, fruits and sweets, books CD's and other gifts online.

This also open the opportunity creating altogether new vehicle with three main features.

-Sleek Design having improved maneuverability in Indian traffic
-Fuel economy to sustain the profitability
- increased carrying capacity

currently in most of the Indian cities see an big carrier at rear end of the economy range motorbikes. This model can be seen only for home delivery of food items.

In addition to E-commerce purchase, there is whole lot of logistics which are being managed by backpack. In recent past i have welcome list of people who were carrying huge load on a two wheeler.

- Pure IT water purifier, the guy was carrying two units and some recharge kits.
- Aramax person delivered book purchased on, was carrying lots of goodies in a huge bag some of then were very fragile.
- Received flowers bouquet n a cake on my B'day, i am still wondering how he managed to balance them on his bike
- tatasky technician brought Disk antena, set top box and toolkit n wires in his canvas bag.

 come on some one help them bajaj, mahndra, piagio take the responsibilty.

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