Friday, January 28, 2011

Using sodexo for online shopping

Off late I was researching on online payment options for ecommerce gateways. All sort of credit and debit cards and cash and gift cards and internet banking payment options are available these days to shop online. I was wondering if one can shop using prepaid gift and meal vouchers like sodexo, accor etc  online. I was surprised that there are indeed online shop where one can redeem theier accor compliments vouchers. Though the process is cumbersome.  The full details can be read on the link  though for the readers I am giving brief steps below
  1. Option to select paying fully or partially using ticket compliment vouchers
  2. Enter the denominations and serial no. printed on voucher. Considered paid.
  3. Cancel the voucher by writing the order no the voucher and courier them to the vendor.

This is really difficult at the age where one simply have to type amount credit card no and authentication code, who would want to use it for online shopping. It would be much easier for exchange it like currency.
I was thinking if they can use these cards as mobile recharge cards. Where a code is hidden. The value of the voucher will continue to be the value of denomination as long as the code is not discovered by scratching the voucher.  This can be used as below

  1. For online user need to scratch the voucher and type the code, no need to send the card as the code is revealed the denomination of the coupon is zero.
  2. For offline user can use it the way conventional vouchers are being used until the code is not scratched.
Going forward this can be used as mobile recharge coupons as well.

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  1. Very nice post Asit!

    This is indeed very useful in a time when one gets a whole bunch of meal vouchers and doesn't know how to exhaust them all.

    Jyoti Yadav

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