Monday, January 10, 2011

21Mbps Vs 22 Knots

Creating blog site appeared easier than done, first step was easy i had Gmail account and need not to bother about what password to keep which is difficult to forget.

The next step was choosing appropriate URL, any word which appeared appealing was already taken by somebody or other. As a habit, whenever i get tired i retire my thought to my glorious past i.e. my merchant navy days...

I wanted to plagiarise the name of yahoo groups which belongs to our mariners community "22knots". its the speed to an old bulk carrier ship, which sails on high seas, fight waves and winds but moves on @the speed of 22 Knots to reach the harbour to rest epitomise life.

whereas 21Mbps is the maximum speed of 3G, it symbolises how life is changing, its moving so fast, few months ago we used to be happy with speed of 256 Kbps and used to dream about 2Mbps, and now 21Mbps is speed of the day that too on mobiles.

I prefer to blog about changes than constant so i choose 21Mbps over 22Knots.


  1. it's great to see a mariner of high seas sailing @ lighting speeds of thought... 21mbps .... you know I was online while you doing all this shit :) ... and quite aware of ur presence ... i was jus counting on you to trun up and say hello... but disappointment ... as most friends give now a days.. working offline !!! ... but I'm happy to see now ... you were in to some thing you like ... happy sailing sailor ... sail freely :) :)

  2. change is a very interesting thing.. change is the only thing that has been the same since ages, but its the other that change.... :)

    i like the sync between the two important aspects here.. the fastest in one field and possibly the slowest in the other! ;)

  3. @ someone.. somewhere..Thanks for dropping comment, but you would be disappointed agian that i was not logged-in that time, i was sincerely searching for a name.