Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool Day

Today has been very good, very relaxed, a wonderful fool’s day.
First I made fool of myself by getting convinced that the office is closed today and so I can sleep till late. And I actually did sleep till 9 AM.
Then I recorded in my own voice “Its April fool today” and set it up as the cellphone ring tone for today. So that I will be alerted when someone is trying to play prank at least over phone.

I am happy cos today is the Friday and I can wear casuals to office.
I am happy cos today is last working day of three day long weekend, Monday is holiday for Ugadi.

With the happy mind came to office and checked the plan for today, someone has revised the plan for good and all the work which I was supposed to do today has been re planned in coming week. I hope no one is playing prank here :-P

Now since I don’t have much work and relaxed mind, I read articles on 10 best April fool’s day prank/tricks came to know weirdest of idea, the top three I voted were…..
1.       Ask your friend for his phone, store your number with some celebrity’s or ex name and send SMS/ call them.
2.       Change the setting of key board, operating system in such a way that whenever someone type common work like and, the etc, it will be replaced with some word of your imagination.
3.       Put a coat of transparent nail paint on all the pens/pencil of your colleague and then call them to note down a message for yourself.

With the happiness and enthusiasm of today being the Fools day I was eager to know the reason of why April 1st has been chosen as the day for fools. And the history revealed all….

The history of April Fool's Day or All Fool's Day is uncertain, but the current thinking is that it began around 1582 in
France with the reform of the calendar under Charles IX. The Gregorian Calendar was introduced, and New Year's Day
was moved from March 25 - April 1 (new year's week) to January 1. Communication traveled slowly in those days and
some people were only informed of the change several years later. Still others, who were more rebellious refused to
acknowledge the change and continued to celebrate on the last day of the former celebration, April 1.
These people were labeled "fools" by the general populace, were subject to ridicule and sent on "fool errands," sent invitations to nonexistent parties and had other practical jokes played upon them.
This harassment evolved over time and a custom of prank-playing continue on the first day of April. This tradition eventually spread elsewhere like to Britain and Scotland in the 18th century and was introduced to the American colonies by the English and the French. Because of this spread to other countries, April Fool's Day has taken on an international flavor with each country celebrating the holiday in its own way.

Think if they had iPhone and Blackberries in those days, we wouldn’t be celebrating it these days.

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