Friday, April 15, 2011

iBall Aasaan:Obliging Initiative

Mobile phones are not barely phones these days and that make my dad disinterested using a cell phone, he is more comfortable using a BSNL landline, and so he doesn’t carry any mobile. Which is very inconvenient for all of us.
Ironically while searching a mobile for myself, I came across this phone, iBall Aasaan. I was looking for touchwiz screen, android phone with 3G, WiFi and GPS and this had only GSM telephony, SMS, Flash Light and FM. iBall Aasaan is projected as no nonsense phone for elderly people. I ordered one for my dad yesterday, which promises to deliver within 4 Working days.

I am grateful to iball who took this initiative to design a phone for elderly folks. The special features it has
  1. Big Number Display, in night time also it looks bright and enhance visibility
  2. One button for receiving one for disconnecting, absolutely hassel-free
  3. With inbuilt antenna FM radio works without earphones
  4. Torchlight works even when phone is switched off
  5. Last but very important: SOS button, at the back of the phone (look at the image) there is an SOS switch, if that is switched on, it will start calling upto 5 SOS numbers sequentially (with redialing) unless someone answer, and it will also send SMS to maximum of 5 numbers.

Saw one review on youtube before placing order. Click here for the video

If I be candid, even i  would want to use such a phone cos, I had tough time getting accustomed to my new touch screen phone, I struggled for almost two days but couldn’t figure out simple thing like, how to forward an SMS. Finally, I resorted to a teenager to tell me which was actually easy, simply keep ur finger touched on the SMS it will populate all the option, they call it TOUCHWIZ. I am still looking for help in undoing the bookmark a website, I no longer want.

Signing off with the hope 1. flipcart delivers it as promised & 2. Dad will use handset this time.
will update the feedback of the user.

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