Monday, March 28, 2011

What a Gentleman!

Do I need it?

Is it worth?

Wait for some more time before prices goes down further.

To buy or not to buy, I contemplated for long and researched every bit before I finally purchased the new touch screen android handset from Samsung, last week. I had not inserted my personal SIM card yet, and was using alternate SIM to get used to of the features. My nephews used it more as gaming screen than I used it as phone.

Yesterday, I found this mobile again before I realized I had actually lost it. The story goes like this…

I was travelling alone from Darbhanga to Kolkata. And as usual all belongings were kept inside the Laptop bag, decked under pillow. When the train reached penultimate station Bidhanangar Road, I woke up and hurriedly disembarked train as the stoppage is for 1 min only. Another 20 mins, i reached my friend’s place, where I was staying for the day. There, we talked about job openigns, career, friends and family before I mentioned about my recent purchase. I was telling him the advantages and disadvantages of inexpensive android OS. I finished tea and moved to show him the handset, and my phone rang, it was GV, she asked me if I have my new phone with me. I told " actually I had switched it off and kept it inside the bag pack". To my surprise she mentioned she received a call from that number asking if it is our’s. She was right, when i checked the bag it wasnt there. I called up immediately, but the phone was not reachable and then switched off. I knew for sure its gone. But to my surprise the guy called again.

This was Mr. B. Nandi, train A/C attendant of our coach. Who found this handset, he struggled to switch it on and called up last dialed number, with the help of someone who knew how to operate it. He waited for me at the station for about half an hour, escorted me to the shed where they retire after journey, checked my ticket and gave back my phone. I thanked him, wrote an appreciation letter, gave some token money and returned back with the questions in mind.

What dint he kept the phone with himself?

Did he knew about mobile tracker feature of Samsung phone?

What would have happened if I would have enabled password protection?

What if the terminating station would have far from the place I stayed?

This has happened once and may not happen again, so I promised to myself to activate the mobile tracker feature, learn more about theft insurance, which I bought for Rs 99 and last but not the least be more careful when GV not accompanying.


  1. Hi Asit,

    This might be a story for everyone. But for me, it's an experience to remember my .....

    11 Feb 2008'Monday, when i was trying to wash my hands after lunch in a temple near Sambalpur, Odisha. Someone pulled me to the water of that river. I forgot that my new Nokia N73 (Music) was in my jeans. When i came out from water after 5 minutes, the phone was completely smashed. That was the day of my cousins marriage.

  2. Mr. B Nandi, Looks like a bengali gentleman maybe 45+ of age... and

    He didn't keep your phone because he is a gentleman indeed... (:

    Perhaps he was unaware of mobile phone tracking feature ... actually It doesn't matter ... he could have consulted with his son after getting the Phone.... so, It wasn't a subject to worry...

    Password protection will not work after formatting the phone memory....

    I really can't say ... what would happen if the terminating station would have far from the place you stayed... :O :O :o [Pretty scared]....


    Mobile phone tracker will not work if the person switch off the phone and after that perform a hard reset ... because mobile tracker is nothing but a piece of software and it can be removed easily from ur phone.... So it's better to note down the IMEI number somewhere... so that, cyber police may track your phone... [Beware: They must be similar to the employees of SBI... (:]
    In a nutshell if we want to take care of our mobile handsets... we only need to be carefull... (: coz' previous month I lost my 99.99% theft proof phone... but the person who found my phone wasn't Mr. Nandi... :( ...

  3. @Dhiren: sad to hear that, but its more than 3 years, and you sound as if you are still carrying the regret. leave it there. I reccomend what my dad says " jo bit gaya woh moti".

  4. @ Pratik: yes you are right the only way we can protect is by being careful, in past i have witnessed atleast 10 loss/theft of mobiles. and none was found, mine was exception so found a place in the blog.
    what i meant when i said if the password were enabled is, he could not have switched on the phone and i would not have found it.