Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lesson from Team India

Yesterday was fabulous win for India over Sri Lanka, In fact for the last three games the team has played has defied the Image of Indian cricket team of past. This has reminded me of recent satsang, where Guruji, sri sri ravi shankar spoke about the power of selflessness. He told that the people who have lesser needs and desire for themselves become more powerful. He also told that this is the reason, why we seek blessing from the elderly people. Old people like grandparents usually do not need anything for themselves so they become powerful, they can heal and their blessings work.

Last few days we all have witnessed the gallant and commited team India playing world cup matches. Under the leadership of MSD entire team dedicated the victory to little master blaster. The fact which made them all powerful and unbeatable was that they were playing selflessly. No personal record chasing no grudges and as united single focused chak de India team.

Let’s all take lessons from our champion team and individually take pledge to be less greedy and discipline our desires to make the nation victorious and be proud citizens

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  1. Asit,nice post!! Apart from saying Jai Gurudev I am thinking of a famous motivational quote :-
    "There is no limit to what you can achieve if you don't care who gets the credit"