Sunday, April 3, 2011

FALTU Review

Yesterday, watched this inspirational movie FALTU, which is acronym of Fakirchand And Lakirchand Trust University. The theme of the movie is a question mark on our education system and on the future of those students who score less marks and stuggle to get admission to college. I particularly like the question protagonist pose to the education minister that "if the passing marks are 30% then why admissions cut offs are 60-70%?". Though the serious thought behind FALTU has been conveyed across audience but the presentation could have been more controlled. Humor was in perfect mix but mainly targeted to younger lot. Despite the flaws, I would recommend it as time worth spent.

We all know the answer to the question, it’s simply supply demand gap. With the current population growth rate colleges and facilities are not increasing. Think how many of us have thought of becoming the teacher. Parents will clap for the movies like tare jamin par and 3 idiots but forget the lesson themselves and brainwash the child to take the proven path only.

I have witnessed finest of artist, painter, writer and thinker doing job which doesn’t suit them. And in the rush to become rich and famous in what they don’t like they have long forgotten what they are passionate about. With few exceptions, the society at large does not encourage hobbies and extra curricular activities.

The new generation does have many formal courses which were unconventional in previous decade; they also have the choice to pick from various career options. But supply is too less in comparison of the bulk of talent we have. We need more colleges, institutions, forums and clubs to unleash unorthodox creativity.

All the students and professionals will write the hobbies in their CV’s but they don’t really mean it. Entry of realty shows like Dance India Dance, Indian Idol, 60 seconds of fame, Comedy circus etc has brought in some changes, but there are lots to be done.

I am intentionally ending this post without any solution/conclusion. Let the creativity rule.

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  1. F.A.L.T.U - Remake of "ACCEPTED"....
    Bollywood - we need a master copy :P