Friday, May 13, 2011

Sketching Workshop: 1st week

For last 6 weeks, I been assigned to a project, which is in big mess and days are very hectic, worst is the work is very monotonous and don't feel like achieving anything. To break the monotony, I joined the sketching workshop, which is being conducted in office itself. The workshop is for 10 days for an hour a day but that one hour is very rejuvenating. I have been doing pencil sketching for a while but occasionally but never attended any classes.
The teacher actually doesnt do anything she shows some slides and ask us to practice or draw from the projector screen.
Day 1: i was amazed at the numbers, about 150 odd people was in the room, and was wondering how the days will go. on the first day we had been given the kit, 1 pencil set consist of HB to 8B, black charcoal, eraser, sharpner and drawing board. The type of paper is provided based on what is to be practiced.
We have been asked to draw lines only , 3inches long, straight, horizontal, vertical, criss cross, wavy, then asked us to draw basic shapes , triangle, rectangle, circle to make the hands free. i could well see the embarrasment on every one face, few felt insulting and stopped drawing. Then we all returned with a home work to practice drawing spiral.
here is what we drawn on day 1

Day 2 : second day we all went with a hope of really learnign something great, after all we have paid 1250 rs each. but second day was no different, she again told us about type of pencils and shading for 2 mins and asked us to draw the basics shapes agian, the only differece we were supposed to shade them as below

 Day3: alas we were drawing something on day3 and also learn somethign scientific vanishing poitn concept one point, two point and also three point. and drawn something which can be visualised.

Day4: we started drwaing trees, and stones feeling better.

Day 5: started with a bit of difficulty, we have been given few landscapes and asked us to choose and draw any one. people struggled to find the easiest but all were difficult. we could draw about 10% of it and the hour got over. we are suppose to finish it in coming two days, monday and tuesday.

I hope to complete the big one..and more excited to use charcoal afterwords....

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