Thursday, May 5, 2011

A day without Advertisements

I had a dream today, i was in a land where advertising was banned and it was such a wonderful experience before i got to know the truth.

I picked up and open the newspaper in the morning and there wasn’t any falling fliers. The all the pages had news only and first page was at the beginning and not after the advertisement page. There wasn’t any posters and banners in the street in the city landscape there were trees but not the billboards. Did not get to see any website name printed at the back of Auto Rickshaw and buses and trains will be cleaner and I could see the route map of the Local trains clearly as there was no stickers on top of it. Walls in the city was clean and painted with political party posters and rally slogans. No embarrassing undergarments drawing and secret disease cure on the railway track wall.

Prepaid to postpaid conversion call, Personal loan upto 15 lacks, Lifetime Club membership only for 99999 INR. Sale at central, lifestryle, peter England, Unlimited food offer at tasty buds, mozzerialla, Opening offer of Fashion and You. All day I didn’t got a SMS or phonel call regarding any of this. I surfed freely over internet, without any popup asking me if I am looking for a house, offering free screensavers nor letting me know the details of hot and single females near my area. No one send me any email regarding my winning million dollar lottery.

BUT just before I was about to enter my house thinking that I would get to see the complete episode without any commercial break on TV, they stopped me. Initially they were few. They were hungry they were jobless. Sooner there were many. There were marketers, there painters, there were artist, there were ad agencies, there were call center guys, models, hakims astrologers etc etc. They were young, old, working professional, homemakers, rich and poor all sorts. They were staring at me as if I have stolen all there money. One shouted from the crowd "hey, consumer, what will happen if you look at those wonderfull hoardings" then lots of voices "what harm, my SMS does to you". "we are in fact paying the bus, train, taxi to put ads on it and doing good to them". " we also will pay you for reading the SMS’s"

BEEP BEEP, i recvieved sms…I got up from sleep..but all the question still linger on my mind.

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