Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal sketching is something which I had never tried before and was very excited to experience. I had been unlucky to miss most of the classes because of hectic work schedule but made sure that i attend atleast one session. First week I was proud of myself being able to manage both work and hobby by attending all 5 session entire week and no blogging. Then got into the vicious cycle of one task leading to another and thinking that will finish last piece before leaving for hobby classes. Which I could never able to do in the week two except the last 20 mins on day 8th, first day of charcoal session.

8 drawings were put up in the room, we were suppose to choose one and draw all by ourself. Charcoal are of two types, powder and sticks, and what we were given was like pieces of burnt sticks. I somehow managed to get some space in the room which was already occupied and then looked at the drawing placed in that corner of the hall. i had 20 odd minutes before the weekly status meeting would begin. i kept staring at the drawing and picked one stick of charcoal and start drawing without much thinking of the outcome.

I was myself amazed when i finished this artwork and left for the meeting.


  1. Nice Sketch. With good Start

  2. Nice One... Also, If you write something about ... How should we behave in Office ... Like How could we handle office politics.... because most of the people in office talk gently... but behind you they usually backbite... so If you write something about attitude that we should carry in Office... It'll be helpful for me.