Tuesday, March 8, 2011

why being enterpreneur SUCKS

Do you want to quit that job and work on your own idea? Remember turning an entrepreneur sometimes sucks. Even if you have made up your mind to be the one. Be mentally prepared to face the below listed challenges which are certain. Prepare for some of it and if you can't "Ignore it". I came across this list in the annual copy of magazine “Entrepreneur”.

  1. The banks hate you. They will give a call center fresher a credit card, but not an entrepreneur like you.
  2. Respect you will get NONE, until successful, if you have to pull down the shutter then god only can save you.
  3. That guy next door, who code for living at Infosys or TCS will be apple of even your own parent’s eye.
  4. You will be scum of the earth, for everyone in the housing society.
  5. Your dad will still mention your old job when asked by his friends
  6. You will lose friends. No one wants a jockey who is gone 24/7 building his dream.
  7. you will never have enough money, never in the beginning.
  8. No one will marry you, but that will cheese off your parents more.
  9. No one will date you either. That will cheese you off more.
  10. The government. Enough said.

My advice is don’t try to take care of all or any of the points above, if you try if will worsen. Concentrate on your dream and wait for your time when your idea is sold. Everything fall in place then. Just know it be aware that’s it.

I have done it by typing it. It’s your turn to internalize by reading it.

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