Friday, November 18, 2011

Auto & Mobile

We all witnessed the start of Farrata race F1, where machines zoomed 60 laps of 5.125 KM totaling to 307.249 KM in Budh International Circuit, Nodia. Sebastian Vettle of Red Bull finished first with lap record 1 Hr 27.249 Min. I am not a fan of F1 to watch the few cars racing for so long at the same track. But I am happy and I was sure that this even bound to happen.

Definitely Racing and Motor sports going be new big games in India. Businessmen and investor much watch this arena.

I am not an expert to guess this instead its very easy. Try to list down industries in which India is becoming self sufficient and where not. Its not Software or IT, its not Healthcare or BioTechnology, Its not media and publication. Its automobile, both 4 wheeler and 2 wheeler. Our Indigenous TATA launched Nano, Maruti separated from Suzuki, TVS building bike from loona alone, Bajaj changed the rule of the game with its Pulsur brand. Hero is total India Dhak Dhak.

Software is India’s one of the biggest export, but we still done have any programming language developed by Indian company. We have very few indigenous software applications. We are dependent on oracles and SAP’s CATIA, IBM, Linux, Microsoft and so on. The new trend of Internet based business is nothing new but indianised version of successful business model or ebay, amazon, groupon et all.

Ancient India was full of knowledge of Ayudveda and Yoga, but healthcare are still ruled by west. In the name of Bio technology, we are only a hub of back offices and clinical research centers.

With so many young authors flooding landmarks and flipcarts with Rupa’s, Penguin’s and Frog could only churn out college days romance of different form. All reality shows are franchise of some show abroad. So many years but no creativity and no originality. Hardly any Bollywood Films not inspired by any Hollywood movies.

The point I was making is that the Automobile industry is progressing differently. Mahindra, Tata, Maruti & Force Motors are taking head on with Ford, Toyota and Nissan and Hyunda. I don’t want to list Royal Endfield here as it should not be compared. But certainly TVS, Bajaj and Hero growing towards big brothers, Kawasaki and Yamaha ..TBC

One joke per post: Three companies participated in manufacturing challenge. English company made a needle as thin as hair. German Company made a hole in the thin needle. When Indian company turn came, they printed “made in India” on the needle.

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